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PreApproved Cash-Out Offers

Did you receive a PreApproved Cash-Out Offer in the mail?

If you would like to take advantage of a Cash-Out Offer that you received, just click below to get the process started. It takes less than 5 minutes!

Please be sure to reference the 7-digit PreApproval # associated with your particular file. (It will be listed in the following format (Example: 00-00-000).

Additionally, you can also call in to speak with one of our Licensed Professionals. This quick phone call allows you to get the process started on your Cash-Out offer, as well as allowing us to answer any questions that you may have.

The Toll-Free Phone # dedicated specifically for any Cash-Out offers is: 877-305-0448.

*All of our PreApproved Cash-Out offers feature our 'Lowest Rate Guarantee' - meaning that if you find a lower rate, we will meet or beat what any competitor is offering you. Guaranteed.

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'Lowest Rate Guarantee'

AFL Home Lending (American Financial Lending, LLC) takes great pride in offering some of the lowest fixed rates in the entire industry! We are so confident in our ability to provide the lowest fixed rates on a consistent basis - that we now offer our 'Lowest Rate Guarantee'.

We encourage any borrowers to take full advantage of this program. It's quite simple- we strongly believe that we will always be the company that is able to provide you with the lowest fixed rate possible, in any situation. However, if a competitor happens to offer you a lower fixed rate, then just provide a locked Loan Estimate (LE) from them, and we will make the necessary adjustments needed to beat their offer! Guaranteed.

Our 'Lowest Rate Guarantee' program helps to provide our borrowers with a true peace of mind. Because our clients know that they will indeed be able to obtain the lowest possible fixed interest rate, at any specific time, in any given market. Period.

Lower Rates. Quicker Process. Better Service. AFL Home Lending.

Legal Terms & Conditions:  
AFL Home Lending (American Financial Lending, LLC) offers our Lowest Rate Guarantee (“Guarantee”) – Subject to the conditions and requirements outlined below, the Guarantee applies to any conforming Conventional, FHA, or VA purchase or refinance mortgage originated and closed by AFL Home Lending on an eligible owner-occupied primary residence, where the customer obtains and presents to AFL Home Lending a competitor’s up-to-date valid Locked Loan Estimate (“LE”). After the date that AFL Home Lending issues its initial locked LE to the borrower, the client must provide a competitor’s Locked Loan Estimate offer within 1 calendar day of their loan being locked, for this Guarantee to go into effect. The Guarantee only applies to a competitor Loan Estimate (LE) with rate terms identical to the terms of the AFL Home Lending Loan Estimate ("LE") including loan term, loan amount, and appraised property value. The total lender credit or rate reduction resulting from the utilization of our “Lowest Rate Guarantee” will be provided by AFL Home Lending, or any of our approved wholesale lenders before closing. You must close your loan with AFL Home Lending for the Guarantee to apply. The adjustment resulting from this Guarantee may only be redeemed in the form of a rate reduction or lender credit at the closing of the transaction. Only one Guarantee can be redeemed per transaction. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The Guarantee only applies in states where AFL Home Lending holds an active license to originate mortgages.
To redeem the Lowest Rate Guarantee, you must contact AFL Home Lending (American Financial Lending, LLC) directly via AFLHomeLending.com or call us at 614-586-7324. You may also Email or Text your loan consultant directly.
Secure Lowest Rate

NEW Affordable Home Purchase Options

Featuring our New ONE+ Purchase Program: 1% Down Payment Mortgage, with absolutely NO PMI.

1% Down, No PMI - Quick App
Save Money

Only 1% Down Payment required from the Borrower

You'll only need 1% of the purchase price as a down payment.

And you are even allowed to use Gift Funds from family members for this if needed.

Money Bag

Lender also gifts you additional 2% toward Down Payment!

This extra 2% provided by the lender comes in the form of a Grant that you NEVER have to pay back!!

A grant is simply free money that you can put toward your home purchase.

The biggest reason for this free gift money grant from the lender is quite simple. Conventional loan types require a 3% Total Down Payment. Therefore, the only possible way that we are able to provide such a Low 1% Down Payment Program is by gifting the other 2% to our borrowers bringing the overall down payment to 3% total.

1% from Borrower + 2% Gift Funds Grant from Lender = 3% Total Down Payment.

(Up to $7,368 Max Gift provided by Lender at Closing)


Absolutely No PMI.

Borrowers do not pay for mortgage insurance on this product.

In addition to the benefits of the upfront savings with this product, there is also no PMI. Absolutely ZERO Mortgage Insurance!!

Even though you are only responsible for 1% Down Payment, there is still absolutely No PMI.

Most Conventional Loan products require PMI unless you pay the 20% minimum down payment required... Well, that is simply not the case with this new product! Borrowers that take advantage of this new affordable home loan will benefit greatly by not having to deal with the inconvenience of monthly PMI.

There isn't another product in the industry quite like this amazingly affordable 1% Down Payment, No PMI home loan!



As with any mortgage, especially a product this beneficial; there will always be some eligibility requirements.

These qualifications consist of the following:

  • Min Credit Score: 580+ 
  • Property must be single-unit Primary Residence (including Single-Family Homes, Condo's, and even Manufactured Homes!)
  • Borrower's total qualifying BASE income must be 80% or Less of the Area Median Income (AMI) amount. (We will look into this part for you.)
  • Maximum Home Purchase Price Amount: $368,420

But don't worry if the home that you are looking to purchase is priced higher than this amount. As we also offer very similar affordable home purchase programs suitable for higher loan amounts as high as $1,149,825 depending on your zip code.

Apply Now - 1% Down, No PMI


Refinancing is a great tool that can provide you the ability to obtain cash-out, consolidate debt, lower your current interest rate, convert an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, or just simply reduce your overall monthly mortgage payment to make life a little easier.

American Financial Lending (AFL) specializes in providing affordable low rate home purchase options, as well as the best Cash-Out refinancing programs in the industry. These Cash-Out options allow our borrowers to obtain plenty of cash proceeds by easily unlocking the equity in your home. You can use these cash proceeds to eliminate existing debt, help complete home upgrades, or anything else that you need it for!

Or lower your interest rate with one of many interest rate reduction programs available.

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